Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Story of Stuff

There is a movie that is making headlines on the interwebs on a topic that is becoming more popular. If you haven't seen it yet it's called "The Story of Stuff." Here it is in case you are interested:

In my opinion the author makes a good presentation on a very important topic but the video would be more effective if not politicized and was backed by sources. While although it never references a political ideology specifically the resulting conclusion is capitalism via corporatism is evil and socialism by means of equitable distribution of resources (including labor) is the answer.

I fully agree though that we must develop a sustainable framework but we must do so while limiting infringement on personal liberties. What would such a framework look like? The author suggests community farming, zero waste initiatives, and overall environmentalism and consumer reduction but this neglects a glaring problem, our need for jobs. The real question is what can we do to replace the jobs?  That is where you will find that we already live under a socialized society. You need only look to our monetary system to see it. My question then is "was this planned and if so why does it suck so bad?". My answer I'm willing to bet is through conflict of interests and greed by political leaders and wealthy individuals we got a half baked system that is unsustainable and unchangeable. 


isaac said...

hey jim, Isaac B here. just found this!

how about reducing work hrs/week to something around 20, plus a significant wealth redistribution? full employment + time to do the low-scale community farming + time with family and community = reevaluation of american consumerism? just a thought via Dr. Jardine.

Jim Powell said...

Isaac! I just saw your comment. I love the idea. I think something like this will become inevitable if/when technology is able to replace manual labor jobs and as AI becomes a reality.